Internship: Frontend Developer (Angular JS)  


  Tech & Data  

Typical you. 

You are currently enrolled in a Bachelor or Master's program 

Good command of English, an absolute team player

You are excited about working on cool projects and are able to work in teams

preferably a little bit of experience with (or want to know more about) Angular Js

Strong interest in in Mobility (driver data) and building Gamifications and the web-shop integration

A little experience in building prototypes and brainstorming about best ways to develop frontend styles

Typical Roadsafetylab. 

We are a Scale up, so accelerating and changing is in our blood

A lovely green office in Baarn, the Netherlands, with fresh lunches every day and productive meetings

A warm, welcoming team

An intern compensation of €600,- a month

A great opportunity to work and grow in a fast-paced organisation 

An opportunity to be part of a start-up phase of an incredibly important product

19 cents per kilometer, with a maximum of 100 km per day




Role Mission. 

The role of an intern is a versatile one. From day one, you’ll play an important role in the development of the technical infrastructure of the driving data dashboard and app. This is our most important, scalable core product. You will run parts of the project from initiation to implementation, together with the team Data & Tech. We are looking for 5 interns and have a team of 5 fulltime developers. By that, we have over 15 colleagues in India to work closely with.  Them all together, including the core team in Baarn will support you through your RSL journey. The most important thing is to have the aim to learn and absorb, show a pro-active sight of yourself and seek for opportunities to grow. You will get the chance to develop cross platform websites and web-apps, develop Proof of Concept of new things and develop prototypes for new products. There will also be the opportunity to participate to concept-teams and be involved with new and complex projects for different clients and start-ups.

Some project that you'll be working on:

1. The Driver App: Design and improve the mobile version to influence drivers.

2. The Trainers App: Designing and improving the app that driving-skills-trainers use to plan and coordinate their work


Working for the lab., as a part of the RoadsafetyLAB. holding, provides insight into driving behavior. Our service is based on existing telematics, OEM or mobile data. gribb places enriched data in the right context and makes it actionable. gribb combines people, technology, data, road safety marketing and micro-learning to achieve our goal: 0-work-related traffic accidents as a result of human errors.

We see technology and systems that take over driving tasks from drivers as a huge opportunity. We use that technology, our data and roadsafety marketing to influence traffic behavior from automaticity to conscious behaviour. With our data we predict and ultimately prevent traffic accidents in work traffic and we are getting closer every day to our ultimate dream: a world without work traffic.